Bianca's Health Management


We offer the following services to businesses and private clients:

* 1-on-1 Counseling
* Corporate Health Program
* Luxurious Women's Days
* Retreats / Events
* Massage
* Public Speaking / Power Breaks


Often a physical complaint, burn-out or a work-life imbalance is a complex matter.
You don’t just consist of a body. Your thoughts, emotions, dreams and visions are just as important.
That’s why Bianca uses her unique way of connecting with you and guiding you to a better and healthier you.
Together you will decide what you would like to work on in your life and you will set goals.


This Health Program is developed for companies, corporations or foundations and consists of diverse modules.
We all know unmotivated and sick employees (or even employers) are costing a company a lot of money.
Using Bianca's program, employers and employees work together to create a healthier work climate where everybody will be more vital, in balance and full of energy, generating personal and company success.


An afternoon, day or weekend of being with women as a woman.
On these events it is not important what kind of job or status you have.
In a safe environment having fun, being pampered, dance/move, massage, mindfulness, sharing, enjoying and luxury.
When we take more time for ourselves, we can relax and reconnect with what is really important.
Bianca will teach you techniques of how to quiet your mind, to be positive in thought, to relax your body, to love yourself and she will pour a delicious sauce of lots of fun over top of it.
Women: Treat yourself to this wonderful experience. It’s more lasting than a dinner or dress.
Men: Give this great gift and you'll reap the benefits.


We all need a retreat once in a while!
A company working on a specific theme;
A women's group connecting with nature;
A family celebrating their special bond;
When you just want to get away for a while;

Bianca organizes your retreat or event from A to Z,
but she'd be happy to add specific workshops or extra's to an existing theme.
She also provides professional musical entertainment and guest speakers.
Contact her to create a lasting impression.


I offer different kinds of massage:
Massage on table
Massage on chair
Massage courses
Relaxation / Breathing techniques

My massages are a combination of Eastern and Western techniques, counseling, healing and relaxation techniques

Why massage?
Massage relieves stress, improves relaxation, improves blood circulation, cleanses the body, is comforting, it relieves pain and more. It will make you more aware of your body, breathing and self healing wonder.
If you take in consideration that without touch a baby will not survive and that we need touch more and more to stay happy and healthy in this changing and becoming more individual society, a massage course is the right thing to do at this moment.

for a closer relationship with yourself, your partner or your (female or male) friend
What will you learn?
Give and receive a massage, Basic techniques from Eastern and Western massage therapy,
Breathing and relaxation techniques/exercises in the comfort of location of your choice.

Don't take your health for granted. Take an active role in managing your health! Start with massage.


Bianca van Berkel is that women that you want to hire when you want an animated, interactive speaking engagement.
With her charisma and knowledge she'll teach you about health, awareness, and connecting in a new way with yourself and each other. You'll be a different, more positive and happier person leaving her workshop or seminar.

When you need your audience to stay focused and vitalized or even relaxed, Bianca is the right person. She'll use Power Breaks in between or before your own speech begins. Your audience will love it.