Bianca's Health Management


Bianca van Berkel

Born in the Netherlands, Europe in 1969, started dancing at the age of six. Eventhough she suffered a back injury at the dance academy, she came back and mastered different kinds of dance, like salsa, merengue, West-African dance, dance expression, street-dance, show dance, freestyle, latin aerobics and jazz dance. She enjoys combining these different styles. She is an amazing versatile dancer, dance instructor and personal trainer.

She worked different jobs, like 6 years as a successful management assistant in a major software company in The Hague, the Netherlands. But working in the corporate environment for Bianca was not healthy, nor did it allow her to live the lifestyle she desired. There was no place for her passion .
She started enriching her dancing and teaching with various kinds of training in the fields of personal growth and development , health , massage , relaxation and women studies that she learned overcoming her injury. For more than 15 years she organized and conducted various projects in Europe. Like teaching dance for adults and children at different schools from preschool to university level, conducting workshops for private events and retreats, writing and directing musicals , and she also owned a massage practice in The Netherlands.
She had seen the struggle for corporate women to stay healthy in a stressful life, where they had to juggle work, motherhood and/or social and family life. Women were looking for a place to relax and to get in contact and communicate with other women. Bianca used her skills and developed different specialized workshops, such as the successful workshops for women that she called “Luxurious Women’s Days” , where for instance movement, massage, mindfullness, meditation and non-verbal communication are being combined.
Because of her experience working with men in corporate Holland, she also created corporate workshops for team-building , health improvement and fun and gave theme related retreats in different European countries.
Bianca wanted to combine all her knowledge and education that she gathered in her backpack into one concept. She created her unique health & wellness program “Dancing for Success” in which the Body, Mind and Soul are being touched with a holistic approach to health . This program was very noteworthy in Europe.
But the sudden death of her sister, made her realize that she really had to go for what she wanted; reaching a larger audience. She moved with her American husband and two children to the USA , defined their production company: B&C Creativity and she launched her “European Health & Wellness Program” in the USA. For 5 years Bianca helped high end clientele in the USA to a better health and more fulfilling life, whether it was at her own practice, at people’s homes or in a corporate environment. Some of her clientele included: celebrities, Timberwolves basketball players, CEO's, bankers and accountants of Fortune 500 companies.
Bianca had her own weekly television show in the TwinCities in America using cooking shows, massage/dance/relaxation classes to teach about the European healthy lifestyle.

Her love of detail and color is portrayed in her artwork that she has exhibites in Europe and the USA. Bianca also colaborates with other artists to create paintings together. She provides customized art for corporations and individuals.

Back in the Netherlands (2010), Bianca started writing and speaking for American business clubs. Learning from the best public speakers in the world she is destined to reach a global audience.
She also works as a management assistent / event manager at an American company where she organizes international events and supports international managers.

Bianca wants to give you the opportunity to look inside her window to discover the talents, blessings and gifts God has given her to express herself and reach others. Her wish is to share all of this with you. TO MAKE YOU SMILE AGAIN With everything she does, she wants to give you the opportunity to look inside her window to discover the talents, blessings and gifts God has given her to express herself and reach others. Her wish is to share all of this with you.